I am a qualified chef with over 40 years catering experience. I am also an amateur artist and I own a website called Paintboks. 

Paintboks is my baby and I created it back in 2012 primarily as a hobby/pastime with the goal of showing and selling my amateur paintings. I was very lucky and my artwork was very popular. But unfortunately paintings didn’t pay the rent so I  also worked full time in the Danish catering industry as a Chef. 

On the 13th December 2018 my life was dramatically changed due to an accident at work. I accidentally sliced my wrist open on my right hand. I severed five tendons to my fingers and thumb, severed my pulse artery and severed the Median nerve which is the major nerve in your hand. My hand was operated on twice over three days and an amazing team of hospital staff saved it. 

Almost eight months of sick-leave have gone by since the accident and my hand is looking almost normal. But it’s not normal! or rather it doesn’t function as it used to before the accident. 

I suffer from chronic nerve pain in my fingers, thumb and palm. Because of this I’m on a daily dose of various pain killers, including my new best friend ‘Morphine ‘. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to paint again and as far as my work as a chef ,, well I don’t know the answer to that right now. 

But, all in all things have gone ok. I can’t complain with how things are working out. I am very lucky to have a very good employer that has given me the time and freedom to get better. 

I have also felt very blessed for what I have. I am truly grateful to those people that have done so much for me. The doctors, nursing staff, and co-workers etc... and  lastly I know that I could not have coped with this without the abundance love from my family and friends and my ‘one and only’ T’

So without sounding corny, I decided to try and ‘pay-it-forward’... and I could do that with my redundant website Paintboks!

So, I re-invented my baby Paintboks... and started ‘paying-it-forward’...

It’s now a Web Magazine for the arts and struggling artists... it’s free and welcomes donations and supports the ‘pay-it-forward’ concept...