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Today I had my first consultation with a doctor at a specialist pain clinic in Holbæk.. and I’m so f**king happy and so is T.. We were there for one and a half hours and it felt like 30 minutes. I was originally on an instant morphine that I was to take when I thought it necessary. The side effects of this type of morphine is that it is illegal to drive a car whilst taking this medication.. also the morphine has an instant reaction against pain in a slightly violent way where the person taking it can suddenly feel incredibly ‘high’ and give you a ‘I can do anything attitude ‘... and this can be dangerous when driving a car!!! So, I’ve today started with a ‘depot morphine’ in a plaster which last for 7 days and apparently I can drive with this because the instant effect doesn’t happen,, instead I’ll receive through the plaster on my arm, a dose of morphine every hour for 7 days!!! Cool or what!!!! They’ve also taken me off Ibumetin!, yes!!! And they’ve almost doubled my Deloxitine dosages... I haven’t been this happy and enthusiastic about the future since the accident.... I was told that in their opinion, I would never be totally pain free.... but with the right medication and lifestyle I should have a good life.... These guys seemed to know what they were talking about so I’m going to do exactly what they say.... Today was a f***ing good day!!!

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