• Patrick Barrow

Another day.........

Today was a good day... Since the accident my days are slow and slightly dreamy. Like today... awoke with ‘spastic hand’ ( that’s what I call my right hand in the morning before it’s been exercised and woken up) ,,,,, as I slowly take in the world from the warmth of my bed, I can feel the nerves in my hand start to waken up. At first it’s a tingle sensation in my fingers which slowly crawl down to my wrist. Ironically I lye there believing that today the pain won’t come,,,, but I’m always disappointed by my wasted “go away pain” chanting. When the pain does come it smothers my hand with a hot stinging burning electricity that spikes at the tips of my fingers and thumb. Opening and closing my hand helps a little so it’s become a part of my waking up routine. Next, I put on my compression glove and immediately the burning sensation in my hand is turned down to 50%,, which is OK ,, on a pain scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being really painful then 50% is a 5 on the pain scale.. I normally take a morphine pill when the pain is at 7 sh ....

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