• Patrick Barrow


Today was a training day at the local gym. I go three times a week and it’s a free-be from the Council for people that are on sick leave. I love it! I’ve lost wait,,, well actually I’ve lost fat and put on wait in the form of muscle,,, luv it.. But because of my training today, my hand and especially my fingers are in agony,,, the usual burning sensation has turned into an out of control forest fire and nothing that I do is dampening the pain... This blog is taking forever because I have to rest my hand every five words.... In an hour I’ll take a morphine pill and it should calm the burning down.. Why not take a pill now you’re saying!! Well it’s because I’m trying to cut down on my morphine intake so I’m waiting to the minute before taking one,,, then maybe it’ll last until bedtime... Hurts to much to carry on ..... Tomorrows another day 😊

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