• Patrick Barrow


After starting at the new pain clinic my daily “1/10 pain scale “ has been around 2 !! I’m feeling so much better than before. My energy level has shot up. I’m going to the gym 4/5 times a week and my body has never been better (apart from the spastic hand of-course).

Designed a new logo for Paintboks. I’ve been thinking about having something linked to the name Paintboks for ages and after working with July months issue I found it. It’s the all to famous painting by the Dutch artist Piet Madrian. The painting is called “Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow” and was painted in 1930. I’m switching between the original painting and a black and white version on the website... all depending upon how it fits the rest of the composition of the webpage.. I particularly like the fact that there is a ‘P’ in the painting which I’d never noticed before,,, ​

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