• Patrick Barrow


Today is a good day for cutting the grass. Sunny weather, a beautiful breezy Sunday in Denmark. The two artists I’m showing in this months Paintboks are amazing. Totally different styles of artists with their own special ways of painting and drawing. I wonder if I should have more ‘stuff ‘ on Paintboks? More art or maybe more stories, or poetry..... My sister Rose-Anne wrote this about the new Re-invented Paintboks; Love this Pat... fantastic addition to the new revamped PAINTBOKS... Keep with your instincts... this raw energy shows in your choice of theme and style... perfect for minimalistic/warehouse design... steam-punk is very popular... I love seeing this passion in your work now.... it really shows and you should go with that and develop it further.... Stay within trend boundaries but push your margins a little... go withyour gut and be bold. Proud of you Big Bruv!!!!xxx 💖 🖒😘 And I agree!!

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