• Patrick Barrow

Today was a lovely day ❤️

I went to Copenhagen and spent the whole day with a very special person. ​We shopped and ate lunch in a cafe and chatted about life and laughed and cried. I forgot all about my hand, I forgot all about the pain, I forgot who I was! Today I spent the day with an Angel.

​She's an angel on Earth She has no wings she has two legs and two feet but thats good enough She has a smile that can light up the room, and make me feel a little happier She has kind words that shows she cares, for once i believe she does, sometimes i doubt She has a heart full of goodness, a heart thats full of kindness She has a hug she provides that holds me safe, i feel secure

She's an angel on Earth She is the one i can talk to about my pain the struggles and the battles She is the one that says she understands I know she doesn't but she tries to, i wish others were like that She is the one thats helped the most and why i continue to fight

She has no wings she has two legs and two feet but thats good enough She's an angel on Earth

with an angel in my life i am that little stronger her gift is beautiful, the gift of friendship is special she is someone id never forget ​She’s an Angel ❤️🇩🇰

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For my Kat,,, love you always 🌹🇩🇰❤️

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