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Tattoos on your heart, soul, and now skin
Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself. Through different designs and quotes, you are able to wear your heart on your sleeve (sometimes very literally).
This form of self-expression is beautiful and completely personal. It is your body, your canvas and you choose what you put on it.
Of course, sometimes, we could all use some inspiration, which is why we gathered the best big, small, and meaningful tattoo design ideas for women in the collection below — to help you out.
Some people aren't too keen on getting tattoos for themselves, and that's totally okay. You don't have to get inked to express yourself. There are plenty of ways to do that. But you can surely appreciate the art that some people choose to have.
Choosing the right tattoo design can showcase your interests.
If you love music there is a way to show that. If you're passionate about animals, there are designs for that as well. Or you could always come up with your own creation whether as big as a full sleeve or as small as a tiny heart hidden somewhere most people will never see.


"You're going to regret that in 50 years' time." It's one of the most common warnings to anyone pondering whether to get a tattoo in the first few decades of their life. The assumption being that a design that looks "fresh" and "vibrant" on twenty- or thirtysomething flesh will look "faded" and "haggard" on the skin of an older person. But it's a lazy, ageist theory that only constrains how we present and express ourselves once we reach "a certain age". And given the traditionally masculine connotations of tattoos – stemming from their historical link to sailors, convicts and gang members – older women with ink face both ageist and sexist prejudice.





Mexicana Kat Von D is a tattoo master. Not only is she a beautiful tattoo artist herself, but she has also long used her body to be a vehicle for her art and creativity. Just scrolling through her Instagram, and you will find the work of one creative person. The proud Latina loves putting her work out there, whether that’s her own tattoos that adorn her body, the tattoos that she creates for others, or anything else. She clearly has a thirst for life and creativity, and the easiest way to soak it all up is through her own tattoos.
The recently married and recently pregnant celebrity has dozens of tattoos that vary from deep meaning, like the high school photo of her beloved papi (who she calls her hero) to her favorite composer (she began playing piano at age 7!) to the various initials, letters, small hearts, and so much more. She truly treats her body as a work of art and, after you find out some of the hidden meanings behind some of her favorite tattoos, you might just be inspired to run out and get your own ink.